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Our larger yurts are fantastic for weddings, corporate events, parties, and many other occasions.


Our 40' yurt has a floor space of 1256 Sq feet which can seat up to100 people.


Our 24' x 70' yurt has a floor space of 1556 Sq feet

for those even larger occassions. It is ideal for long banqueting tables as well as smaller, more personal seating.


Yurts are a perfect alternative to marquees or large tents, adding a touch of sophisication to any event.


Being made of timber and 100% cotton canvas, yurts are both natural and beautiful, their rounded shape fitting elegantly in any landscape.


We offer many extras with our yurts such as woodburning stoves, wooden floors and wood doors.


All our yurts are built using recycled or coppiced materials wherever possible, and our canvas is fire-retardant, waterproof, and rot resistant (FWR) to BS standard.




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