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How to look after your new Meadow Yurt

Yurt Canvas & Wood care – Love your Yurt for years to come!


How to look after your Yurt Canvas, Bell tent canvas or Tipi Canvas


As with anything that is exposed to the elements, your yurt will need proper care to remain in the great condition it was delivered in. By following these simple instructions you can keep your yurt in tip-top condition for years to come.


Wash your canvas with warm water, do not use any detergents as these may dissolve and wash away the impregnated water resistant, fire retardant and rot proofing solutions.


Soak off any bird poo as soon as you notice it, scraping it off may damage your canvas, and leaving it is not advised as it is acidic and as such can damage your canvas.


Also, remove any leaves and twigs that may have fallen on your yurt from overhanging trees, if these are wet and sit on the canvas for a long period of time they may damage it.


After cleaning the canvas, and once it has dried, proof the canvas with a dedicated canvas proofing solution, such as Fabsil or Storm canvas proofer.


If you notice any drips on your seams after cleaning, don't worry, the canvas will expand and once dry will be fully watertight again. If you don't want to wait, you can reseal the seams with a product such as  Seam Grip


Also, remember to heat your yurt regularly – yes, the canvas is treated and certified rot proof, but it won't last forever if left damp for long periods of time.


Wash the wood work with a damp cloth and keep the yurt heated to dry it off.  The yurt woodwork can be reoiled with Danish oil to keep it in good condition.


Like any external door, the door should be treated every so often for longevity. As it is varnished it will need more regular treatment than a door that is painted with gloss, so make sure to sand and varnish if you notice your door needing it.


You can find all the products you need to keep your yurt as good as new in our shop.


Happy yurting!

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